If you are looking for a Veteran or civilian who served in Vietnam I will be glad to post a message, photo, and your contact information in my site.
Just send me an e-mail detailing what you want and attach any related photo's that you think might help.

With other Veterans help, maybe we can help you in your search for understanding.
Chris Arredondo is looking for anyone who knew or served with his Uncle, SP4 Jessie Arredondo (on left in photo) served with the 199th LIB from Nov. 68 to Apr. 69.   He was KIA in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam.
If anyone can help you can e-mail Chris by clicking on the photo, or if their link is bad, e-mail me and I will add the info to the site and attempt to locate Chris
My Fathers name is Alan Wilson and he had served with C/3/7/199th in May of 1967.  I have a citation document of his, when he was presented with a "Bronze Star" medal for fighting off a Viet Cong ambush on his platoon, near Qui Ducki and I know he also received a "Purple Heart" medal during his second tour of duty, in 1968 fighting in a battle near Da Nang.  After that he was discharged from the Army and never kept in contact with any fellow soldiers.
Well, recently my Father had a hip replacement operation and emotionally he is down.
I would like to remind him that he is still a soldier and to move forward and I think that since he has been recovering at home it would be a surprise to turn on the internet and communicate with fellow soldiers.
Please Reply,
Ken Wilson
All of us to some extent or another can relate to the following story.
Let Alan hear from you.  A couple of minutes and an e-mail is all it takes.
Pete Allegretta, USMC 69 - 74, is looking for anyone who may have known his best friend Sgt. Howard Bruckner.
KIA 08-19-69
Pete would like anyone who remembers Sgt. Bruckner to contact him.
Tony Scalise is looking for, and would like to communicate with anyone who knew his cousin, Michael Scotellaro. 
199th Light infantry Brigade 3/7
KIA June 17, 1967
Gia Dinh, South Vietnam
Mike started his tour in Vietnam on January 8, 1967.  Tony says his family "shut down" after Mike's death and would not talk about him or his tour in Vietnam.
April would like to communicate with anyone who knew her father.

My Father, Carl G. Moore, served from December 1968 to December 1969 in the 3rd Battillion, 7th Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam.  I am wanting to find anyone who might have known my Father. 
Thank you
AprilJoy Moore