Images from Vietnam
This artillery gun was named "Birth Control" and I guess with good reason.  It got a regular workout from our basecamp.
Go anywhere.  Not really.  Tanks will sink up to their guns in a rice paddy.  Main road travel only in the Delta region.
Visit this pro's site and see the war from his perspective.
His pages may take a few minutes to load over a slow connection, but I think you'll find it worth the wait.
In case you haven't visited before, visit the Vietnam Veterans Wall site now by clicking below. You will find out there are 58,214 soul's inside plus their families.
Plowing their rice fields in preparation for planting. Modern equipment is no good in the rice paddies. Tractors will just bog up and bury down.
One of the more common means of travel in Vietnam, except for bicycles and feet.  Looks like this guy is taking his "sister" for a ride.
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