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They call it the land of the dragon.  It even looks like one,
rising with its mouth agape ready to breath fire or devour anyone who gets near.
Everyone who served in Vietnam left part of themselves there,
and returned with a part of Vietnam in themselves to burn forever.
One of the ARVN's that worked with us.  He got mad at one of the guys in our squad and pitched a grenade in our barracks after we got back to base camp.
Cooling it in base camp.  If you can ever feel a little at ease in Vietnam, it was in base camp.  I could learn, most people smile for photo's.
This is a red, white, and blue site.  There is no USA bashing, no Military bashing, and especially no Flag burning in here.

Whether you think this war was right or wrong is not what is important.
We were there.
Too many of us died there and too many of us are still there for anything else to be important.
These were our barracks back at fire base Madeline, in Can Giuoc (or Juoc), south of Saigon.  Don't look like much?  It was a five star Hilton compared to where we slept most of the time.
Rice patties just outside of base camp.  This was our normal mode of transportation.  The choppers would pick us up and take each squad to its drop point. 
Once airborne all anyone wanted was a green LZ.
The choppers would drop us a good distance from our area of operation.  Once on the ground we would move out to the area we would be working for the next few days.  We would either set up for an ambush, patrol areas, clear areas of booby traps, check villages for any VC activity, relieve other units, work with medical teams, or, no telling what.
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This is Robinett.  Yellow or green smoke will bring the choppers on in for our pick up.  Red will tell them to watch their ass.  No one would be standing around like this with red smoke. We worked mostly in the Delta.  Lots of flat land and rice patties.  Those dikes were really slick to walk on and often booby-trapped.
I didn't like riding in the middle, I would rather sit in the door with my feet hanging out.  No body ever said I was smart.  The big guy next to me was called Tiny, and a recent email I received gave him a possible name of John Moffit.  I gave him a big Bowie knife my Mother sent me.  Hope he still has it.
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