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Images from Vietnam
Check out what it was like to be a POW
Three of us walked right over this spot before he hit the wire.  That's our medic on the ground.  Just like a medic to lay down on the job when you need him.  He's going to be fine though, all parts intact, but his part in the war is over now.
I was about to take a picture of one of our guys blowing a bunker, that's not what I got.  We never found what he stepped on but it was big.  That's his M16 bottom left, and as you can see his pack hasn't quite hit the ground yet, bottom right. 
He said he wanted a picture of me working since I seldom did anything.  I said I would rather him put the camera up his a.. and keep an eye out down the edge of the creek.
I can't believe any of us still like water.  It seems like everything we did was in water.  We even slept in it most of the time. Oh yes you can.  It got to where being dry didn't feel right.
Sarge and Elliott taking a break.  That's an M79 grenade launcher that Elliott is holding, there is also a shotgun round that you can load in it.  Let me tell you though, a single shot weapon is not the best weapon to have in Vietnam.
USO show.  Okay, mostly Vietnamese musicians and no Bob Hope, but a nice reprise from the daily routine.  The shows were well done with American music from the times.  I never heard anyone gripe about getting to see one of the shows.
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