This site is dedicated to
The men of the
199th Light Infantry Brigade
Co. C 3rd Bn 7th Inf
with whom I served in 1969
To all who in any way had the Vietnam experience
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I remember my first morning in Vietnam.
The Captain held up a CIB and said something like this:
"This is a Combat Infantryman's Badge and only a few of you will earn one of these during your tour.
Many of you may get one, but only a few of you will earn one.  A lot of you will go on combat missions and never see combat.
Some of you will."
My name is Larry Compton and I hope you enjoy my site.
I wish to apologize now for the names I can't remember.  I may have forgotten the name but not the person, place, or time.
If you are in one of the photo's or recognize anyone, send me an email and let me know.
e-mail me
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